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As governments change, so do immigration and asylum policies. This can make it very difficult for those present in the UK and those wanting to come to the country to calculate where they stand in relation to the constant changes.

A recent spate of changes has rested on the amount of money an immigrant may earn if they originate from a non EU country.

As of April 2016, migrant workers are expected to be offered salaries of more than £35,000 if they wish to qualify for settlement in the UK after a period of 5 years. This is going to have a significant effect on occupations like nursing. Many immigrant workers, due to their salary schedules, will not reach these new thresholds. This could significantly lead to important negative effects in certain key sectors.

Apart from these changes there are many other aspects of UK immigration and asylum law that affect people on a daily basis. In most circumstances it is necessary to obtain advice or hire the services of an experienced UK Immigration and Asylum solicitor in order to understand your situation and assert your rights. These days many immigration and asylum solicitors are often able to help even if you don’t speak English as they have solicitors available who speak a variety of different languages.

Situations We Can Assist With

  • A visa based on marriages and relationships such as when you want a spouse, fiancée or civil partner to join you from another country.
  • You might be an employer who is concerned about sponsoring an employee.
  • You might be in the situation where deportation is a possibility.
  • You would like to move to the UK because you have a relationship with an EU citizen.
  • You need a visa fast-tracked for employment purposes.
  • You wish to gain permanent residence status in the UK.

Appealing a UK visa refusal

If you are abroad when you apply for a visa to enter the UK and you are refused entry you can appeal this decision, but it must be within 28 days of receipt of the decision and that is if you have been offered the chance to appeal. If you are in the UK at the time of the refusal and you have been told you can appeal, you only have ten working days to do so.

If you are in this situation you should seek assistance from a solicitor who specialises in UK Immigration and Asylum law as appeals are often effective when errors are made by an immigration officer who is handling your case.

Forced Bans on Re-Entry are Commonplace

Recent changes to UK immigration law are related to bans on people to re-enter the country for a number of reasons such as being caught illegally entering the country or overstaying a visa. These bans could be up to 10 years depending on individual circumstances. You may wish to return under another visa category but are being refused. Often these circumstances have arisen for personal, family and relationship reasons but in some cases if an experienced UK immigration and asylum lawyer takes up the case forced re-entry bans can be overthrown on the basis of misunderstanding by immigration officials or humanitarian grounds.

Services UK Immigration and Asylum Lawyers Offer

  • Visa assessment to assess the right visa.
  • Guidance through the required paperwork.
  • Completing the required application form and including the correct accompanying documents.
  • Submission of all the documentation by the assigned date if it is an appeal.
  • Liaising with the Home Office to check application status.
  • Help availability is 24/7.
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