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Housing Law in the UK can become overwhelming for those involved with various aspects of housing, whether as a tenant or a landlord. If you don’t know your rights or you are not sure whether what you are doing is within the law you should seek housing law advice from a solicitor as soon as possible before you are evicted if you are a tenant, or as a landlord if you face the situation of unpaid rent.

Many solicitors are able to offer free legal advice if they have the quality mark assurance accessed through the Legal Aid agency, so don’t feel intimidated by any fees you think you may have to face.

If you are a tenant your landlord has certain responsibilities to fulfil. At the start of a tenancy, the landlord must provide you with:

  • his or her full name and address and, if a letting agent is used, its address and contact details too. If the landlord fails to provide a name and address within 21 days a fine could be imposed;
  • an Energy Performance Certificate;
  • the government’s guide called “How to Rent.”

There are other requirements, including protecting the deposit you have provided. That means placing it in a protection scheme that is government-approved if you are an assured shorthold tenant. If you discover that your landlord hasn’t fulfilled these requirements he or she could be faced with a fine and it may be harder to terminate your tenancy.

When you leave the property it is a requirement that your landlord returns your deposit unless there is an ongoing dispute about damage to the property or unpaid rent.

Landlords have many other responsibilities with respect to the house you rent. This includes the maintenance of chimneys, roof, walls, drains and guttering, as well as ensuring that all infrastructure related to the supplying of gas, water and electricity is maintained to the required standards.

If you believe your landlord has not followed the legal guidelines with regard to your tenancy and you are disadvantaged in some way you should contact a solicitor who can provide UK housing law advice and offer a legal solution to the way you have been treated.

If your landlord has not maintained the property you live in to the required standards and you have an assured shorthold tenancy that was either renewed or commenced on or after October 1st 2015, it may be far more difficult for your landlord to evict you if you have made a complaint about repairs. However, you should not feel pressurised by your landlord. Instead, you should seek UK housing law advice before you succumb to your landlord’s demands.

Safety standards in rental properties

This is a very important concern, especially in overcrowded cities where safety is an important issue. Landlords aren’t left off the hook when it comes to safety as they have to install on each floor of a property sufficient smoke alarms as well as detectors that locate the presence of carbon monoxide where wood or coal fire burning is present.

A gas safety certificate is required for all gas appliances supplied, such as cookers and heaters. Any electrical equipment on the premises must be certified too. If you feel your safety is threatened you should consult a solicitor who will provide you with Housing Law advice. There are many other issues that may be of concern to you such as rent rises and access to your rented property by your landlord. If you have any legal concerns you should seek UK Housing Law Advice immediately before things get out of hand.

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