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Most families live happy and fruitful lives but sometimes relationships between couples deteriorate and family breakdown occurs. This is a painful experience for all concerned. Children may unwittingly become the centre of arguments and the value of property and possessions become a serious matter too. Fortunately, solicitors who offer family law advice UK are caring and understand what you and your family are going through.

Most family law advice UK solicitors offer the following advice and legal services which help you make the best decisions possible for your family.

1. Separation

If your relationship has reached the point where separation appears to be the only option, your family law advice UK solicitor can arrange counselling with a mediator before you make a final decision. You may be able to find a way of resolving your differences and return to normal life.

If this fails, your solicitor can arrange all the necessary legal paperwork and family law advice. This may include dividing your assets equitably, negotiating between you and your ex-partner the best arrangements for your children’s care and submitting all the required paperwork to the court if you decide a divorce is your only choice.

2. Divorce

There is no minimum period for being married prior to dissolving your marriage. Some marriage partners decide to delay going through a divorce until they are certain it is the right path to follow. However, if you have arrived at the decision that it is best for you, you can be relieved of the burden of the paperwork involved and the emotional turmoil by asking your family law advice UK solicitor to organise all the necessary paperwork and file it with the court on your behalf.

3. Children’s Care

Often, children are forgotten in all the turmoil but the court cares about their wellbeing and will ask what provisions have been made for such things as accommodation, health and parental access. Your family advice solicitor can discuss with you possible solutions to their care including a fair distribution of contact time and an equitable share of money from both parents to meet their needs. The solicitor can place the appropriate parenting orders with the court ensuring that the contact time between you and your ex-spouse is shared fairly.

4. Protection Orders

Sadly, when a break-up between partners takes place it’s not usually on friendly terms and there may be from time to time outbreaks of both psychological and physical abuse. The court will not accept this sort of behaviour, especially if children get brought into the conflict or observe violent acts, whether physical or verbal.

The worst cases are when one of the ex-partners is violent to the children as a form of payback for the break-up. Your family law advice UK solicitor can act on this suggestion and ensure a protection order is enacted making it illegal for contact between those abusive family members.

5. Relocation of one parent overseas

The Family Court always has in mind the children’s best interests and one of the preferred situations is that contact is maintained on a regular basis between the children and both parents. This can become problematic if one of the parents decides to re-locate overseas.

If both parents have joint parental responsibility (PR) for the children and one of the parents is re-locating to another country permanently, permission will have to be sought from the other parent before the child or children can be removed. If the parent remaining in the UK refuses to give permission, the departing parent may not have any choice but to leave the child or children behind.

If this situation is imminent you should contact your family law advice solicitor to see if some sort of compromise can be reached.

There are many other family matters that a family law advice UK solicitor handles so you should speak to one if you have any conflict in your family before matters get out of hand.

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