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If you face a conviction because you have committed a crime you will need all the criminal law advice UK available to you. The law is in place both to set out for different crimes that are supposed to reflect how serious they are. Often though police prosecutors go for the highest penalties possible and these sometimes cause more serious upheaval for the alleged criminal and his or her family.

An experienced criminal law advice UK solicitor can help ensure that any punishment you are given by the court fairly represents the nature of your crime and the evidence presented by the prosecution is sound and true.

We can help with any of the following:

  • 1. Enforcing your right to remain silent once you have been arrested and until a solicitor is present
  • 2. Ensuring your legal right to have a criminal solicitor to represent you. You may not need to pay the full cost of this service if you are on a low income as you may be eligible to receive legal aid.
  • 3. Ensuring that you have a solicitor present at all times while being interviewed and at court hearings.
  • 4. Giving you correct advice on the law and legal procedures in relation to your case and helping you to understand precisely the reason why you have been accused of a crime.
  • 5. Ensuring that witnesses are available in court to help defend you against your alleged crime.
  • 6. A criminal solicitor will tell you whether to plead guilty or enter a not guilty plea.
  • 7. A criminal solicitor will represent you either in the Crown Court or the Magistrates Court, depending on how serious your alleged crime is. He or she will support you emotionally and talk you through all the court proceedings and prevent you from being unjustifiably intimidated.
  • 8. Informing you of the punishments you are likely to receive for certain criminal convictions.
  • 9. Outlining your rights to fair treatment if you are sentenced to a term in prison.
  • 10. Advising you on what you should do if you are treated unjustly or inappropriately while held in police custody. Your criminal law advice lawyer can file for compensation on your behalf if you have suffered from mistreatment by the police.

Crimes That Criminal Lawyers Routinely Handle

Sexual Offences

These can be sensitive issues especially if there is no real evidence to prove guilt and advice can be given to defendants in relation to date rape, sexual abuse, stranger rape and the downloading of unlawful sexual images from the internet.

Motoring offences

These include drunk driving, speeding, dangerous driving, using a cell phone and causing injury or death. If you have been accused of any of these crimes, call us immediately. These accusations need to be adderessed properly, if you want to keep your license.

Drugs Offences

These can be anything from possession of illegal substances to selling to the importing of Class A drugs. These type of offences usually cary a stiff penalty that may even include incarceration. You need an experienced and well rounded solicitor to deal with matters of this nature.

Violent Crimes

These include murder, robbery, grievous bodily harm, rape and domestic violence. These type of cases often go to court and you'll need a barrister to represent you in court. Actos Group is in contact with the top barristers in Luton and Bedfordshire, so don't waste time and call us now.

Money Laundering

When someone has been accused of disguising illegally obtained money but attempting to use a legitimate cover to bring that cash into circulation. These are often cross border cases that take a long time to investigate. Let us help you get a quick and favourable resolution.


Arranging to get criminals returned back to the UK from a country they have escaped to.

It is possible to represent yourself?

The criminal law advice UK solicitor will not recommend you defend yourself, even if you really believe you have a strong case in your favour. Police prosecutors spend a lot of time preparing their prosecutions determined to get the convictions that they have worked on by gathering evidence and arranging witnesses.

Their ability to be forceful and persuasive in court in such a way that influences both judge and jury means any defendant without an experienced criminal solicitor is likely to end up with a penalty that does not necessarily fairly match their alleged crime. It is very rare that a defendant comes out a winner in this sort of situation and most wish they had hired a solicitor to take up their case.

If you, or a family member, is being held in police custody you should remain silent until a criminal law advice solicitor is at your side to advise you while you in the police station and if need be to guide you through the stages the law require in relation to your alleged crime.

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